BLOCKPHISH provides organisations with the ability to improve their resilience against phishing attacks. Our innovative features include:
Bespoke ethical phishing campaigns mimicking current cyber threats
Feedback to users who take the phishing bait
Comprehensive reporting to track organisational progress
Tailored awareness learning using a proven portfolio of methods and techniques
What is Phishing? Phishing is the act of attempting to fraudulently acquire your sensitive information by masquerading as a trusted entity in an email or other form of electronic communication


Identifies your organisation’s susceptibility to cyber fraud and attack through compelling phishing campaigns
Achieves proven and lasting behavioural change through customised learning content
Appeals to a broad range of learning preferences through multiple delivery methods
Improves employee awareness and understanding of the impact of clicking malicious links in phishing emails via instant alerts
Demonstrates a strong return-on-investment through clear improvements in employee understanding and reduced phishing susceptibility

BLOCKPHISH Data Security




  • Deployed in ISO 27001 certified cyber resilient facilities in the United Kingdom
  • Robust access control limits access to only authorised users
  • Regularly externally penetration tested platforms
  • No sensitive information is collected from users during your phishing campaigns

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