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Our Approach

The Blockphish Approach

The BLOCKPHISH Ethical Phishing Approach at the core of our portfolio comprises of a five-stage lifecycle. It is aligned with industry recognised best practice that can be found in other leading frameworks such as ITIL and RESILIA.

Stage 1 – Strategy: The campaign objectives are defined, the organisation’s risks are identified and the applicable services required are selected.

Stage 2 – Design: During this stage, we agree the themes of the campaigns, the type of campaign and the complexity levels of the phishes

Stage 3 – Transition: It’s important to ensure that any pre-requisites such as whitelisting domains, creation of campaign content and stakeholder communication plans that are required prior to the campaign are setup at this stage

Stage 4 – Operation: This is where we execute the campaign, capture real time metrics and document areas for improvement in business process and policy

Stage 5 – Continuous improvement: Once the campaign has concluded, we take the metrics that have been captured and analyse the data for insights and trend analysis to inform both the Awareness Learning and the next campaign strategy to ensure each campaign provides the maximum possible learning outcome. We adopted this approach to provide a structured delivery model that is simple to implement and easy to tailor to ensure that every engagement is specific to the client’s requirements.

These stages are represented in the following diagram:


  • Identify services
  • Set campaign objectives
  • Identify risk required


  • Scope
  • Complexity
  • Theme


  • Whitelisting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Create collateral


  • Run campaign
  • Capture improvement
  • Deliver awareness learning

Continuous Improvement

  • Reporting and metrics
  • Insights and trend analysis
  • Amend and Improvement

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