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The BLOCKPHISH portfolio comprises of the following services, that are designed to affect cultural change within organisations. The objective is to embed a culture of cyber resilience sufficient to meet current and future cyber security challenges. The portfolio consists of eight distinct modules:

Ethical Phishing Campaign(s)

Our 5-stage Ethical Phishing Campaign sits at the heart of our approach. More detail is provided in the Our Approach section.

Awareness Learning

RESILIA™ provides the award-winning Phishing Awareness Learning to BLOCKPHISH, which covers the key cyber threats that we see regularly targeting our clients. For more information, visit our Awareness Learning section.

Open Source Intelligence

BLOCKPHISH provides an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) service to our clients to support our ethical spear phishing or whaling campaigns.

Cyber Resilience Professional Certifications

To effectively embed Cyber Resilience culture change, champions within the organisation are fundamental. The RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner Certifications give the requisite expertise to these advocates and demonstrate their knowledge and ability to implement effective Cyber Resilience.

C-Suite/Partnership Cyber Simulations

BLOCKPHISH provides incident and crisis simulations for C-suite executives with suppliers and appropriate partners to ensure your organisation is best prepared to respond effectively in the event of a cyber breach.

Organisational Cyber Resilience Maturity Assessment

The Cyber Resilience Pathway Tool assists you in assessing and evaluating your current cyber resilience controls and processes, and helps you to define the necessary improvements on a roadmap to your desired level of cyber resilience maturity.

Consulting & Professional Services

BLOCKPHISH offers a broad variety of professional services to ensure your organisation receives the guidance and consulting expertise it requires to embed culture change and strengthen its defences against cyber threats.

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