Increasingly we hear reports of big businesses who have been caught out by successful cyber-attacks on their systems. Hackers refer to Board-level executives as ‘whales’ as they are the big fish in organizations who can be the gateway to the most valuable information.

To raise awareness of these issues, BLOCKPHISH’s strategic Partner AXELOS has produced “Whaling for Beginners”, a short, fictional account of how a simple mistake leads a CEO to fall victim to a carefully-targeted cyber-attack. His company isn’t resilient enough to withstand his error and nor is that of his biggest client, a multinational that should also have been better prepared.

The publication emphasizes the importance of ensuring leadership at the highest level understand and embed cyber resilient behaviours to protect organizations from ‘whaling’ attacks.

Hackers are hunting ‘whales’ in the boardroom. They attack, steal and ruin reputations. “Are you the whale they’re looking for? Could you stop them?”

Out of nowhere, hard-won reputations, hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars are all suddenly at risk.”Whaling for Beginners” is not only a wake-up call for leading executives everywhere, it is a gripping and fascinating read in its own right.

Whaling for Beginners

Board level executives are known as ‘whales’ amongst hackers. That’s because they’re the big fish who hold the keys to the really big prizes: money, intellectual property and commercially sensitive information. Jim Baines, CEO of a major US packaging company, didn’t know he was a ‘whale’ until someone hacked his email and got into the heart of his company. Watch an interview with Jim Baines here
Download the first chapter of the “Whaling for Beginners” book. Download Download the first chapter of the “Whaling for Beginners” book two. Download

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