Our Services

The BLOCKPHISH portfolio comprises of the following services to help organisations prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks. We provide the experience, expertise, and the know-how you need to become cyber resilient.

Ethical Phishing

Our unique approach to delivering managed Ethical Phishing Campaigns provides demonstrable evidence through metrics and reporting that the susceptibility of your to staff phishing attacks will be reduced.



Cyber Awareness 

Our award-winning Cyber Awareness covers the key cyber threats organisations and their staff face. The main principles of our Cyber Awareness are:

Ongoing, regular and concise learning – short, brief learning packages

Adaptive, personalised and appropriate – tailored to different skill levels and preferences

Engaging, competitive and enjoyable – different learning formats

Measurable and effective – demonstrates benefit of investment

For more information, visit our Awareness Learning section



SOC (Security Operations Centre) 

Our 24/7 managed Security Operations Centre delivers the security expertise your business needs to provide real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and reporting across your entire technology ecosystem.


C-Suite/Partnership Cyber Simulations 

BLOCKPHISH provides incident and crisis simulations for C-suite executives with suppliers and appropriate partners to ensure your organisation is best prepared to respond effectively in the event of a cyber breach.


Threat Intelligence 

Our Threat Intelligence services provide insight in to the most common and severe threats your organisation will face so that you will be empowered to prioritise your resources and anticipate the most effective response.


Blockchain Solutions 

We model, develop and deploy blockchain enabled applications in days not months. We provide a complete, secure environment, with multi-factor authentication, logging and tracking to support the running of enterprise level blockchain applications.


Cyber Maturity Assessment 

Delivering tailored assessments for each organisation to support and inform their current security posture while planning a path to the desired future state.


Cyber Security Certifications 

Gamified awareness learning to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities


Consulting & Professional Services 

We provide a vast and broad cyber consulting capability to ensure your organisation receives the guidance and expertise it requires to strengthen its defences against cyber-attacks.

Our Capability:

  • Help you to understand the cyber risks your organisation face and identify, establish and operate a robust and pragmatic governance and management system to address those risks

  • Support the creation and realisation of an appropriate cyber strategy from managed Security Operations Centres (SOCs) to the delivery of manged ethical phishing campaigns.

  • Assess your people, process and technology solutions and deliver a remediation and improvement plan to mitigate any vulnerabilities

  • Provide first responder capability in the event of a cyber incident to the stem the impact of an attack, restore services or data quickly and prevent repeat occurrences.

  • Embed cyber aware behaviours within your organisations culture to reduce your vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

  • Deliver cyber simulations and incident and crisis simulations for key staff to ensure your organisation is best prepared to respond effectively in the event of a cyber breach

  • Provide training and professional development for your security professionals

  • Assess and support you in your journey to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure you avoid the high penalties (4% of global revenues) for non-compliance

  • Our Certified consultants deliver assessment services including Cyber Security Risk Assessment, Cyber Security Strategy & Architecture, Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS, ISO27001, UK DPA and other internationally recognised standards

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